Certification and standards

Consumer Protection - Client (Article 1792 Civil Code) during the 10 years following receipt of the book

The builder (architect / builder / contractor) must be insured in case of serious damage to the work


This damage must bear:

On the strength of the book

On an impropriety to its destination (ex: sealing)


For the risk to be acceptable by an insurance company:

The products used by the manufacturer must have an ATEC (Technical Notice)

The processes used must comply with a DTU (Unified Technical Document)

ATEC and DTU are defined / issued by CSTB


The COOL ROOF FRANCE paint is a solution that allows a strong improvement of the SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) of the roof:

Action on reflectance (roof property to reflect solar radiation: visible, IR, UV => must be closest to 1)

Action on thermal emissivity (roof radiative property for absorbed solar radiation)


So :

No impact on the strength of the structure (COOL ROOF load lowering <1 kg / m²)

No impact on the purpose of the work (COOL ROOF does not improve or alter the existing seal)



COOL ROOF FRANCE paint has a European Community approval.

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