In summer, the sun heats dark or metallic roofs to more than 60°.

Who we are?

We are a group of citizens, grouped in the social and ecological start-up "Cool Roof".

The 3 founders are Fréderic Lachèvre, Ronan Caradec, Roland Soun. Cool Roof is directed by Antoine Horellou

Our challenge

Painting white roofs against heat, an idea as old as the world ...

It is well known, the white returns the heat.

This is the effect of "reflectivity" of the solar spectrum.

This is why in most hot countries (Greece, North Africa), cities are traditionally white.

... but forgotten in "modern" architectures

The advent of new techniques (sheet, tar, air conditioning)

made us forget the evidence of "bioclimatism".


Today, most cities have coatings that store heat, and the only solution proposed for heat is mostly air conditioning.


The vicious circle of air conditioning:

Climate change is leading to increasingly extreme heat waves.


But roofs, usually black, accumulate heat IN the building and around.

To cool off, the use of air conditioning emits more and more greenhouse gases ... 

... That strengthen climate change and urban heat islands.

Painting the roofs in white would break this vicious circle.

Our proposal

A revolutionary resin

- high reflectivity + low absorption: IRS = 112

- elasticity> 300%

- respectful of the environment

- strong weather resistance> 3600h

- waterproofing

- light <700g / SQM

Qualified painters

- A network of qualified applicators

- Formed with the application of the resin Cool Roof

- Able to apply 1000m2 / day / person

Our "Proof of concept"

6 °C less under white vs under black


€ 20k of electricity savings


+ 7 years of extension of the life of the roof

Centre E.Leclerc de Quimper, 7000 sqm

August 15, 2016 Temperature Record in Insulation

They support our idea


"Painting roofs in white would save 1Gt per year of Greenhouse Gas emissions, equivalent to 250 million vehicles. "

- IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate)



"Cool roofs are one of the fastest and least expensive ways to slow global warming"



- Steven Chu, Nobel Prize in Physics and former US Secretary of State for Energy

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