European Leader For Cool Roofing

Cool Roof France, European leader for cool roofing

Since 2015, Cool Roof France has been offering concrete, affordable and sustainable solutions to cool buildings and therefore cities, in a low-tech and social justice logic. Our ambition? To reduce temperature of buildings, passively, thanks to our simple and innovative cool roofing solutions.

Our ambition?
To reduce temperature of buildings, passively, thanks to our simple and innovative cool roofing solutions.

Our goal?
To improve thermal comfort of users, to reduce electricity bill of air-conditioned buildings and thus impact on the environment!

Today European leader, Cool Roof France was born from an observation

in France, the majority of commercial and industrial building roofs are covered with dark roofing. These accumulate heat, transforming buildings into ovens during summer periods. “Solution” most often adopted is the installation of some air conditioning systems. But these devices reject heat outside and their operation is a strong emitter of greenhouse gases. It is a vicious circle.

The founder of Cool Roof France, Frédéric Lachèvre, an entrepreneur from Finistère region in France and manager of some real estate portfolio, was personally confronted with this problem.

In 2013, he launched the project with two of his technical partners, Ronan Caradec, energy expert and Roland Soun, refrigeration expert. After couple of years of studies, they decided to focus on the development of a cool roofing solution… a passive cooling solution. Principle consists of painting the roofs with a highly reflective white paint.

Cool roofing, a serious solution to cool buildings

Le cool rooCool roofing is a concept used for centuries, particularly in countries around Mediterranean and in South America, which are used to high temperatures. This type of solution is also widely developed in the United States. The exclusive coating developed by Cool Roof France is inspired by these ancestral practices.

Our reflective paint limits absorption of solar radiation and accumulation of heat in buildings.

Today, our coatings allow 90% of the sun’s rays to be reflected, thus limit heating of the roof. This represents an average reduction of 6°C in building temperatures. In addition to thermal comfort, our cool roofing solutions help to protect roof coverings from solar aggression (UV, expansion, etc.) and increase their durability.

Cool Roof France offers concrete, affordable and sustainable solutions to cool buildings and therefore cities.

A sustainable approach

Cool Roof France ensures the design of innovative reflective coatings, as well as their application, by our internal team or by members of our network of applicators.

Our technology allows to protect buildings from overheating in an efficient and sustainable way and thus increases the comfort of their users. In addition, it helps to limit the use of air conditioning and, consequently, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, both direct emissions from cooling systems (via the halocarbons present in the refrigerant gases) and indirect emissions due to the production of electricity required by air conditioners.

Cool Roof France now integrates an eco-design approach in the development of its new products. R&D has enabled to design a product for which we have been able to reduce quantity of pigments and integrate a renewable source of calcium carbonate, oyster shell, while maintaining a high reflective performance.

Cool Roof France solution de revêtement blanc rafraîchissant coolroofing à base de coquille d'huître, carbonate de calcium

Solidarity and climate justice

Heat waves that tend to intensify and their impact on health is a real concern.

Our Solidarity division has been working on accessibility of the cool roofing technology, to propose passive cooling with no income discrimination. This materializes by the cool roofing of public utility establishments i.e. schools or health centers, in France or abroad.

Our teams have also developed a “LowTech” formula that you can make yourself with ingredients available in supermarkets.

Cool Roof France, a committed company

Our commitment to the fight against global warming is underlined by our participation, as a member, in international organizations i.e. “Cool Coalition”, an Ademe International Club (international network of innovative French eco-companies), or the “Comité 21” for the environment and sustainable development. In France, our company is also a member of the commissions on the tertiary decree, of the Plan “Bâtiment Durable”, leader of the French-CEE sheet on reflective roof coatings, published in the Official Journal in July 2021.

A Cool Roof team ready to shake things up

Yes, we can make a difference! And we can help others to contribute. Cool Roof France is supported by a team of about twenty committed and passionate employees eager to find solutions for mitigating and adapting to climate change. Based in Finistère (29) in France, teams are active in France, Europe and West Africa.

They support us

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