Method & Application Division

Method & Application Division

In addition to its R&D department and its Design Office, Cool Roof France has created an division dedicated to technical support for customers, the Method and Application department. Its team’s mission is to carry out large-scale tests of new formulations. It also works on improving application processes, training and monitoring its Network.

Test the cool roofing solutions in a real situation

Tests conducted by the Method and Application department team are always carried out in real-life situations. Depending on the objective, the surface area painted can vary from 2 to 100m2, this stage allowing the series of tests carried out in the laboratory to be verified and validated (details of the targeted objectives).

Cool Roof France, adapting to specific customer needs by providing a tailored response.

Measuring process efficiency…
When scientific calculations and ROI become one

For each project Cool Roof France, various data are collected: temperatures on the roof, humidity rate, installation time, drying time… This information is used to ensure the quality control of the project. The Method and Application team is also responsible for installing the necessary measuring equipment. In addition to the thermal comfort felt immediately after the installation of the cool roofing solution, it is possible to accurately compare the temperatures of the building before and after Cool Roof France intervention. But also, calculation of the energy savings made by limiting the use of an air conditioning system.

Improve process and equipment for greater efficiency

Teams now have machines designed to measure, in-house, and which respond perfectly to the specificity of the job. Saving time, performance, limiting the fatigue of the applicators, thinking the whole process of cool roofing allows to gain in efficiency at all levels.

Training and follow-up of applicator teams

A network of professional applicators has been set up, with professionals already familiar with the environment of tertiary or industrial building roofs (waterproofers, building painters, roof maintenance professionals, etc.). All of them are trained in Cool Roof France products and methods. This training includes both a theoretical and a practical part. Use of equipment, application techniques, respect of safety standards… Nothing is left to chance for the integration of new employees. This approach allows us to guarantee high level of service. Cool Roof France does not sell a product, but a turnkey service, innovative and proven. All applicators are committed to this quality and traceability approach.

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