Does CoolRoof application of Cool Roof France allow to benefit from CEE?

Cool Roof France’s sustainable reflective roofing solutions are developed using Arkema’s Kynar Aquatec and in partnership with Aximum, a subsidiary of the Colas Group. They are included in the CEE (Certificat d’Economie d’Energie) scheme set up by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and are therefore recognized by the French public authorities as a genuine performance and sustainability solution for reducing energy consumption. Being registered in the CEE scheme constitutes, for this sustainable solution of cool roofing, a recognition of the performance of the technology and the energy efficiency of these roofing systems. It thus offers financial leverage to owners and operators of buildings with air conditioning systems, for commercial or storage use, in France and abroad, to encourage energy efficiency projects.

Each of the above partners has contributed their expertise in their respective fields, namely:

  • Cool Roof France has developed high quality and durable application techniques.
  • Aximum brought its technical expertise to the formulation and its know-how as a manufacturer of high value-added exterior coatings.
  • Arkema supplied Kynar Aquatec, a solvent-free resin that guarantees the whiteness and reflectivity of the paints.

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