What is the environmental impact of CoolRoof solution?

In areas of high sunlight, painting roofs white is a common practice to remedy the absorption of solar radiation. But conventional paints rarely last beyond 5 years: they lose their “reflectivity” with the appearance of dirt and micro-fungi and the intensity of UV rays degrades them by making them porous. From an environmental point of view, regularly re-coating a degraded surface cancels out the advantages of reflectivity. Cool Roof France’s Kynar Aquatec® resin-based transparent protective coating keeps the whiteness of the coating virtually intact for over 20 years with very little maintenance. This overcoat acts like a varnish: rainwater slides off and naturally washes away dirt that would cling to a traditional white paint. Instrumentations of roofs repainted in white and protected by a top coat based on Kynar Aquatec® have shown that the overall energy cost related to the air conditioning of the building thus protected can be reduced by 15 to 30% for 20 years.

CoolRoof process has been recognized by the IPCC as one of the fastest and least expensive solutions to mitigate climate change. Cool Roof France products do not contain any toxic elements and the company’s laboratory is working on new developments including the replacement of some components i.e. calcium carbonate by biosourced products such as oyster shells. Also, as already mentioned, a Cool Roof France environmental and health data sheet (ESDS) has been verified and is available for Cool Roof France products. This ESDS presents LCA results (and other health information) necessary to calculate the environmental performance (less than 4kg CO²eq/m²).

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