Does CoolRoof from Cool Roof France influence the photovoltaic panels?

2 main effects are noted:

Effect#1 Reduction in roof surface temperature:

A solar panel loses 0.5% of power per degree above 25°C. CoolRoof coating considerably reduces the temperature undergone by the panel, it allows to increase up to +10% the power generated by the panel compared to a “classic” environment (source: University of Melbourne study “Impact of CRP on PV Energy” Generation p231)

Effect#2 Increase of the reflected radiation (albedo) :

On single-sided modules: a solar panel captures not only the direct radiation from the sun, but also the radiation reflected (albedo) from the surrounding surfaces (roofs, floors, walls, etc.). In a study by the University of Edinburgh on the performance of vertical panels, it is estimated that if 25% of the ground surface was “painted white”, the productivity gain of the panels would be +48%.

On bifacial modules: unlike single-sided modules, these new “bifacial” modules also capture the radiation reflected from the underside of the panel. Thus, the more reflective the environment and the panel’s support, the higher the panel’s yield. Increase of up to 25% of the bifaciality gain!

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