What are the advantages of cool roofing and Cool Roof France ?

On the roof

  • Creation of a cool island allowing a better performance of the installations and avoiding the breakdowns of condensers or AHU and the watering in hot period,
  • Prolongs the life of the roof and waterproofing: protects the roof from the effects of expansion/shrinkage causing cracks and leaks, seals micro-cracks,
  • Improves the performance of photovoltaic panels (especially bifacial) which lose efficiency above 25°C,
  • Maintains the SRI at 113 and the durability of the coating for 20 years (CEE sheet and TIPEE report in support) that Cool Roof France is the only one to guarantee,
  • Simple and inexpensive application and maintenance,
  • Reduction of the installed air conditioning power
  • No rework (900g/m2) or interruption of activity,

Inside the building

  • Savings in energy consumption in air-conditioned buildings, generally in the order of 20 to 40% of the HVAC share,
  • Gains in thermal comfort of non-air-conditioned buildings (from 5 to 12°C depending on the type of building) with improvement of customer/employee comfort and reinforcement of CSR/HSEQ
  • Maintaining temperature settings, resulting in less loss of goods in storage buildings and ensuring process continuity,

For environment

  • Fight against urban heat islands: by bringing the surface temperature to the ambient temperature and reducing the use of air conditioning (producing heat and greenhouse gases),
  • VOC-free and partly biobased coating: replaces silica from quarry stones with oyster shell powder (circular economy), thus reducing the level of TIO2 and its effects,
  • Cool Roof France’s Environmental and Health Data Sheets (EDS) have been verified and contain the LCA results (and other health information) required to calculate the environmental performance (less than 4kg CO²eq/m²)


  • Quick profitability (ROI 3.5 years on average in direct link with energy prices)
  • Reduction of implementation costs according to the criteria of the CEE BAT-EN-112 sheet (Retail air-conditioned by heat pump)
  • Clear response to the requirements of the tertiary sector decree
  • Savings on the maintenance of the equipment

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