What is the guarantee of effectiveness and durability?

Most exterior paints are tested for 1000 hours under ultraviolet (UV) light. The Cool Roof France coating has been subject to 4000 hours of standardized testing (ISO 16474, ISO 11507) in an aging cabinet, including exposure to UV-B. This is a very severe test. After 4000 hours under UV-B (ISO 16474), Cool Roof France coating maintains its overall performance, the initial SRI is maintained. An accredited test report (COFRAC) for the measurement of these properties on smooth substrate is available.

At the end of the exposure, Cool Roof France coating shows no defect or yellowing and has demonstrated an excellent retention capacity of its solar reflectance rate.

This high technical performance is due to the application of our topcoat, the TopCoat, which has a very resistant resin, KynarAquatec®. This resin, manufactured by Arkema, has demonstrated exceptional resistance to aging when exposed for many years in natural sites, particularly in Florida.

All these elements allow us to guarantee that the thermo-reflective properties of CoolRoof solution will be maintained for at least 20 years.

Moreover, adhesion tests on bituminous membranes were also carried out at the CSTB, in the initial state and after aging (heat & UV). Cool Roof France coating showed good adhesion even after heat aging or UV aging.

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