What internal rate of return (IRR) can be expected with CoolRoof?

Replacing a traditional roof with a cool roof system is an investment. But the initial price is quickly compensated by the significant energy savings and the reduction of maintenance needs.

The IRR is therefore very favorable and the example of E.Leclerc in Quimper speaks for itself

“Service pack” = application at 18€/m2 then annual maintenance 2€/m2 for 10 years with :

  • Initial roofing: 7000m2, steel sandwich roofing with two layers of bitumen 1988
  • Date of installation of the elastomeric coating Cool Roof France = June 2015
  • Initial investment = 18€/m2 = 126k€ for 7,000m2, i.e. 13k€/year of amortization over the life of the product (10 years)
  • Annual consumption savings of 20k€/year
  • Savings related to the cost of kWh (considering an annual increase of 3%)
  • Savings related to the maintenance cost of the roof (1k€/m2/year = 7k€)
  • Creation of a maintenance cost (1,5€/m2/year for a classic contract, 2€/m2 for a “service pack” contract indicated here by Cool Roof France which guarantees 100% of the efficiency of the device)

In addition to the IRR, Cool Roof France cladding also offers a very fast profitability with an ROI of 3.5 years on average… depending greatly of course on the price of energy.

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