What are the guarantees of CoolRoof? What about ten-year warranty?

Cool Roof France offers a biennial warranty on its products which requires it to repair or replace, for a minimum period of 2 years after receipt, any equipment that does not work properly. Cool Roof France offers of course a guarantee of perfect completion which requires it to repair all defects (hidden defects and lack of conformity) reported during the year following the reception of the work, whatever their importance and nature. Cool Roof France guarantees its product CRF BC TC and its application of the complex for a period of 2 years from the date of the acceptance of the work.

This warranty covers :

  • Good adhesion of the coating to the initial substrate
  • A maximum loss of reflectivity of 25% compared to an average reflectivity measured at the reception of the building site in x random points of the roofs by means of a reflectometer type Reflectometer 410-Solar Visible / NIR from Surface Optics

The guarantee is triggered as soon as Cool Roof France is aware of a defect, whether it is the adhesion of the support or its loss of reflectivity.

Finally, beyond these 2 years, Cool Roof France also offers an annual maintenance contract.

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